Blog Post #4: Asteroids and Comets

We know that asteroids and comets exist, but where do they come from? In chapter 8, I learned that asteroids and comets are formed from the “leftovers” of planet formation. Asteroids are the rocky leftovers of small planets in the inner solar system, whereas comets are the icy leftovers of small planets in the outerContinue reading “Blog Post #4: Asteroids and Comets”

Blog Post #3: Water on Mars

I liked reading the section of the book that talked about how we know that there was water on Mars. I’ve always heard this fact about Mars being livable because it has water, but didn’t think about how they figured that out. I learned that there are actually no bodies on water on Mars todayContinue reading “Blog Post #3: Water on Mars”

Blog #2

My favorite part of this unit was learning about the developments throughout history made in the field of astronomy. I had heard of famous names such as Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo, but had not really learned about them to understand what their contributions were. I learned throughout this unit that around Copernicus’ time,Continue reading “Blog #2”

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